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"Registration for Nigeria International Book Fair 2018 is in progress. Registration Deadline is Friday, March 23, 2018. Don't miss NIBF 2018"

About Us


Nigerian Book Fair Trust is a non-governmental organization that was set up to promote book trade and reading culture in Nigeria. It is the umbrella body for the major stakeholders in the Nigerian book sector.

The Trust was incorporated in 2002. It enjoys the endorsement of the Federal Government of Nigeria, Education Trust Fund (ETF) and the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). Nigerian Book Fair Trust is an accredited member of the Conference of International Book Fairs Directors.

Apart from the fact that Nigerian Book Fair Trust makes use of its machineries and events to promote book trade, it also uses the mediums of exhibition, workshops, seminars, trainings, meetings and educating programmes to enhance reading culture in Nigeria. Nigerian Book Fair Trust is the organizer of the annual Nigeria International Book Fair and the regional book fairs in Abuja, Enugu and Ibadan.


Nigerian Book Fair Trust is committed to the achievement of the following objectives:

•Collaborating with government agencies, corporate organisations and non-governmental organisations for the enhancement of reading culture in Nigeria;

•Contributing to the promotion of readership and authorship skills for a wholesome book society; • Reiterating in the minds of Nigerians, the place of books and other instructional materials in the area of educational advancement in the country;

•Promoting a conducive environment for authors to get published by either local or foreign publishers;

•Establishing a strong book market with economic potentials for social development using the platform of the book fairs;

•Showcasing Nigerian books in their entirety, as well as present books from other countries, thus increasing the variety of books available to the Nigerian reading public at affordable rates.

• Advocating for the stakeholders in the Nigerian book industry.


Nigerian Book Fair Trust’s vision is to enhance literacy in Nigeria and add value to the Nigerian book and knowledge industry.


Nigerian Book Fair Trust’s mission is:

• To plan and execute educational and cognitive programmes that will promote reading culture in Nigeria.

• To create viable platforms that will promote interface among the book and knowledge industry stakeholders and add value to their vocations.

• To collaborate with government, corporate organizations, non-governmental organizations, etc for the purpose of making Nigeria a literate nation.

• To advocate for the stakeholders in the book industry.


The core values of the Nigerian Book Fair Trust are as follow:

• The Trust believes in treating customers with decorum and faith.

• The Trust grows through creativity, innovation and value creation.

• The Trust integrates honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of its business functioning.


Nigerian Book Fair Trust has made a lot of positive impact not only in the book industry, but also in Nigeria as a whole. Some of the achievements of the Trust are as follow:

 Book Exhibition – The Trust has been using the platform of book exhibition to make books and instructional materials available to Nigerians at affordable rates. The Trust organizes international and regional book fairs in Nigeria.

 Enhancement of the status of Nigeria – Nigeria International Book Fair, the book event organized by the Nigerian Book Fair Trust is now a book fair of repute in the world and the most consistent international book fair in Africa.

 Development of the Book Industry – Due to effective coordination of the major stakeholders in the Nigerian book industry by the Trust, there is peace and steady growth in the industry.

 Promotion of Nigerian Arts and Culture – Nigerian Book Fair Trust has been using its activities to promote Nigerian arts and culture to other countries that participate in its events.

 Promotion of literacy – The events of the Trust have been making books and instructional materials available to Nigerians at affordable rates which in turn makes promotion of reading culture possible.

 Recognition of outstanding service – Nigerian Book Fair Trust recognizes excellent service of individuals in the book industry by giving them awards. Many great contributors to the growth of book industry in Nigeria have been recognized and awarded by the Trust.

 Fueling of Government interest in literacy promotion – The activities of the Trust have been fueling the interest of the tiers of government in Nigeria in the promotion of literacy.


The management of the Nigerian Book Fair Trust is separated from its administration. While the management lies with the Governing Council and Central Working Committee; the Trust’s administration lies with the Secretariat.

 Governing Council – This is the highest decision making organ of the Trust. The Council co-ordinates, harmonise, review and advise when necessary on policies, programmes and activities of the Trust. The governing council is headed by the Chairman of the Trust.

 Central Working Committee – This is the Committee set up by the Governing council of the Trust to see to the execution of the Trust’s policies, programmes and events. The Central Working Committee is headed by the Vice Chairman of the Trust.

 The Trust’s Secretariat – This is where the administration of the Trust takes place. Trust’s policies, programmes and events are being executed at the Secretariat. The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary.

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