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    Why You Must Exhibit at NIBF

    We believe business growth and expansion in the book market occurs when stakeholders come together from within and outside the country to network, exchange ideas, and engage in great conversations. Exhibiting at the Nigeria International Book Fair is a perfect way to access the over 180 million Nigerians and visitors who look forward to attending the unique book event which comes up in the second week of May yearly. Being the largest Book Fair in Nigeria and Africa, not only are books and other teaching and learning materials displayed and sold at exciting prices but unlimited business opportunities are open to all Exhibitors at the Fair. Furthermore, there will be room for buying and selling of the publishing and distribution rights of books and other literary materials.

    Without forgetting to include that some significant industry players from the international communities, Government agencies and parastatals, corporate organisations, institutions of learning, service providers, and the general public will be present at the Book Fair. The six days of book trade and exhibition is packed with various programmes that aim at empowering participants like yourself and adding value to your business. I bet you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to project your business to those who need it. Register Now (Include a link to registration form).

    Who Should Exhibit?

    Every Stakeholder in the book and knowledge industry should not hesitate to take advantage of a platform like ours that showcases and expands your business’s horizon and gives you access to the latest development in the evolving world of books. The following categories of people are welcome to participate during the annual Nigeria International Book Fair.

    Publishers, Printers, Booksellers/Book Distributors, Presses (Institutional and Private), Library Equipment Suppliers, Libraries, Research Institutes, Literary Agents,Arts Galleries, ICT and Telecom Providers, Banks and other Financial Institutions, Computer Software Manufacturers/Distributors, Private Book Developers, Printing Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Online Service Providers, Corporate Gift Manufacturers/Suppliers, Non-Governmental Organisations,Professional/Technical/Scientific Service Providers, and Other Instructional Materials Manufacturers/Distributors.

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    Exhibition space bookings must be carried out using our <a href=””>official Application Form</a>and submitted to us before the registration deadline (Friday, 27th March 2020). A minimum payment of 50% must be paid on or before the registration deadline to authenticate your stand booking. However, information on any application received after the deadline may not be included in the Official Exhibitors’ Directory.


    The Organisers of the Nigeria International Book Fair reserve the right to postpone, alter, or cancel the Fair if circumstance warrants it. In the case where the Fair is cancelled, all rental payment collected will be refunded (less bank charges); however, no refund would be made if a participant who had made payment withdraws from the Fair without notifying us at least one month before the commencement date of NIBF. Cancellation of a reservation which has not been paid for can only be granted if we are notified at least one month before the beginning of the Fair. It is also important to note that reservations which are not cancelled one month before the commencement of the Book Fair will attract a payment of 10% administrative surcharge on the cost of the exhibition stand indicated.

    If a reservation is not confirmed with payment, no entry would be made in the Exhibitors’ Directory for such participant.

    Stand Sizes

    Stand with Shelves: Stand Size: 4m or 8m, Depth: 2m, Width: 2m

    Stand without Shelves: Stand Size: 4m or 8m, Depth: 2m, Width: 4m.

    Additional shelf panel costs #1,800 or US$15.00 per shelf. When booking your stand for NIBF 2020, kindly make a reservation for extra facilities (additional shelf) as the provision for this would be made during the construction of the Exhibition Stands.


    The Organisers shall take all reasonable precaution in the interest of Exhibitors and Visitors. However, we advise that adequate precaution should be taken to protect personal items and materials brought for the exhibition. Under no circumstance should your exhibition stand be left

    unmanned during the period of the Book Fair as there is a penalty for the owner(s) of exhibition stands found unmanned during the period of the Book Fair. Furthermore, the Organisers shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to personal items or exhibits at the stands. There is no blanket insurance cover for the Book Fair.


    The Book Fair Organisers will always maintain general cleanliness of the venue.However, at all times during the duration of the Book Fair, Exhibitors will be responsible for keeping their stands tidy.

    Hoisting of Banners and Roll-Up Banners Within the Exhibition Halls

    No exhibiting company will be allowed to hoist banners anywhere within the exhibition halls.

    All banners and advertisement materials must be placed outside the exhibition halls or within the exhibition stand. Display of any type of banners will not be allowed on the aisle. Contravention will lead to seizure of such item(s) after the first warning.

    Stand Decoration

    Attachment of publicity materials and decorations to the exhibition panels must be carried out in a way that will not cause any damage to the stand panels. In the event of damage arising from such an act, the cost of repair/replacement will be borne by the Exhibitor.

    Display/Sales of Exhibits Outside the Exhibition Venue and At the Car Park

    The Organisers prohibit display or sales of exhibits outside the Exhibition Halls. Contravention of this directive will lead to confiscation of the items and immediate closure of the offenders’ stall within the Exhibition Hall without any refund of previously paid fees.

    Programme Sponsorship

    The Book Fair Organisers may provide internet facility within the Exhibition Halls. If this facility is provided, Exhibitors will have free access to it.

    Exhibition Stand Payment

    Before the commencement of the Book Fair, payment for exhibition stand and advert placement by foreign Exhibitors and other participants must be made; we do not encourage bookings or payments at the event venue.  The payment for a stand or advert placement by foreign Exhibitors at the venue of the Book Fair will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances. Such payment must be made using the latest US Dollars or the Naira which is equivalent to the value of the Dollar subsisting exchange rate at the time of the Book Fair. Note that Old US Dollar is not accepted.

    Payment Procedure

    Payments can be made by:

    • A. Cheque in the name of Nigerian Book Fair Trust

    • B. Bank transfer (for both local and foreign Exhibitors).

    • C. Direct payment to NBFT’s Account (for local Exhibitors). Please see transfer details as contained in the inside back cover of the brochure. For any mode of payment adopted, kindly notify the NIBF Secretariat to authenticate your bookings.

    Send an email containing your teller or payment details to the Executive Secretary, Nigeria Book Fair Trust.

    Access Transaction Details Here

    For bookings and further inquiries, contact us.

    Badges and Exhibitors’ Directory

    We encourage participants to register as early as possible to prevent any form of delayin receiving your badges and a copy of the Exhibitors’ Directory. Exhibitors who pre-register by Friday, 27th March 2020 will collect their badge and a copy of the Exhibitors’ Directory on Monday, 11th May 2020 while others who register after this date will receive these items during the Book Fair.

    Change Of Location

    The Organisers reserve the right, at any time, to change the location of the Book Fair. Such a

    change will not attract any compensation to the Exhibitors.

    Stand Allocation

    We allocate the exhibition stand based on the Organiser’s discretion and according to the nature of your exhibits. Under exceptional circumstances and before the commencement of the exhibition, Organisers may change the space allocated to an Exhibitor and such changes shall not attract any compensation.

    Acts/Conduct at The Fair

    Exhibitors are advised to comport themselves in a manner that would not create discomfort for other exhibitors or participants at the Book Fair. Music (if necessary)must only be played at your stand and at a low volume to prevent any form of interference with other Exhibitors’ transactions at the Fair.


    Smoking is prohibited within the exhibition halls and eatery areas. Smokers are advised to do so outside the exhibition halls. The Organisers reserve the right to penalize violators of this directive.

    Registration at The Fair

    Registration is free and every Exhibitor and Visitor must register daily at the Fair as no one would be allowed into the halls without registering at the front desk.

    Empty Packages

    It is forbidden for anyone to dump empty packages on the floor of the exhibition halls, stands, outside of the stands or walkways. Empty materials are to be removed without delay and if the Exhibitor fails to respond to a request for the removal of items stored in contravention of regulations, the Organiser will arrange for the removal of such obstructing material(s).


    Suitable accommodation facilities are provided around the venue of the Book Fair. Reservations could be made by the NIBF Secretariat on request. For details on hotels around the Book Fair venue, contact the NIBF Secretariat.

    Eating And Drinking

    Restaurants within the Exhibition Halls, as well as those located around the Fair venues, serve Nigerian, African, and Continental foods. Various types of drinks are also available for sale.

    Eating And Drinking

    Restaurants within the Exhibition Halls, as well as those located around the Fair venues, serve Nigerian, African, and Continental foods. Various types of drinks are also available for sale.